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Mr. Robins Case Study Analysis

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Essay Preview: Mr. Robins Case Study Analysis

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This case study is to find out the issues in which Mr. Robins has and to concentrate on a solution. I will explain a few matters which will provide the reader a better knowledge of every perception. The aim is to share the outcomes of my findings in a manner in which I would tackle the issue and to explain a good solution with identifying the types of problem activities, responses and solution.

Among the main factors involved in carrying out his job, includes huge responsibility. It seems that he performed a good job hiring fifteen people with just six months on the job. However with his lack of job experience, he required to have a well-developed, plotted-out plan of action. Obviously, his placement is new; nevertheless it is rapidly found out that he has some important problems in assigning his own duties which are crucial requirements to his job responsibilities.

Mr. Robins might have averted a few issues.

1. As a person of his word is important to one's personality, work ethics as well as moral integrity.

2. Mr. Robins underestimates the strength of his mission and objectives. With having almost three months to arrange, he must have made certain the meeting room for orientation training, was available prior to he planned the date.

3. With certainty, ABC Inc.'s vision and objectives must be the initial steps of the planning process. Mr. Robins must have a task inventory intended to get information regarding his exact job, items of necessary paper work, materials required to accomplish his jobs, and the abilities needed to carry out the task.

The Power of Spoken Word

Mr. Robins must understand the strength of his spoken words with honoring it through his actions. These words can't defend his personality from the effects of his conduct. His words, once spoken, can't be counter-acted and that alone decides the path of his future as well as status. Integrity performs a significant part in today's world. His status dwindles and he only deceives himself in case he believes other people are not paying attention. His friends haven't any reason not to trust him till he proves them otherwise. Eventually, his words act like the canvas and his action shows the shade of events which follow, bad or good. If they don't line up with each other, his reliability is tainted and his status gets a plight of destruction.

Visions, Goals and Strategic Planning

My suggestion to Mr. Robins isn't to undervalue the strength of mission and goal setting. To know completely the reasons for these specific issues, he must keep a detailed record of job functions which can serve as reminders, and convey briefly with other section heads. This would be an important aid in establishing harmony and balance in the company structure. Hence avoiding any undesirable pressures.

Having a well-developed job outline prepared, Mr. Robins might have averted the pressures near the ending of the deadline date, June 15. He might have made good utilization of the Human Resources Division to accomplish organizational targets, had he asked questions due to his lack of abilities and experience. I have come to know that this is the most basic and significant part of an efficient human resource division. I doubt his moral ethics to the business in whole and his capability to take on small assignments with basic job responsibilities. Mr. Robins guaranteed the Operations Supervisor, Monica that he would have the fresh recruiters prepared for orientation however failed to get them prepared. The issue rapidly increased by not following through with every new worker, making certain good paperwork was in order to organize with the organization policies and in the period he approved.

Mr. Robins should now make decisions which will also impact the fresh workers arriving in, the over-all workplace, any extra money involved for having to obtain one more room booked and making certain Monica has the ability to get her own responsibilities like an Operations Supervisor. The situation which Mr. Robins encounters is an unclear scenario because of the complexity of everybody concerned. He gave false expectations to not just himself, but to Monica and the organization, too. Carl must have analyzed into every factor of the company's internal workings to make certain he was doing his very best to accomplish the targets established. Developing his targets, short and long-term, can provide



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