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Case Study Promotions What Kind of Marketing to Use

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Buzz Marketing: a technique that focuses on word-of-mouth potential, whether it may be at school, home, or on social media, all of these are considered buzz marketing

         Pros: good for local companies trying to attract local customers

        Cons: no guarantee of size of reach

Guerrilla: A technique that focuses on low-cost irregular forms or marketing that maximize impact. Such as the coke machines that make you dance for your soda. They interact with the consumer more.

        Pros: Makes a long lasting impact on the customer

        Cons: Not big enough reach

Lifestyle: A technique that focuses on a customers’ day-to-day schedule, doesn’t directly sell product to customer but presents opportunity to better their life

        Pros: People need to stay healthy

        Cons: People may not see the benefit

Experiential: A technique that engages the customer and invites them to grow with the company and participate.

        Pros: Opportunity for the customer in numerous ways

        Cons: High risk of customer doubt

Product placement and branded entertainment: gives the brand opportunities to interact with the customer in uniquely different ways

Pros: Unique approach opportunities

Cons: Can be costly


Lifestyle marketing is a technique that focuses on the customers’ day-to-day schedule, it provides and opportunity to make that schedule easier or improve a person’s life. Such as weight-loss meals, gym, acne medicine, and subscriptions. Experiential marketing is a technique that engages the customer. If offers the customer a chance to grow with the company. Bespoke is a monthly subscription box for guys, each month the guy will receive uniquely picked items that are meant to help men relax and feel manly. Something like this could help the energy drink company because for people who drink energy drinks instead of coffee, they could sign up to have all their energy drinks delivered each month and have the option to pick flavors and never have to go to the store each morning. The second company is Advocare, which uses experiential marketing. Customers have the option to either purchase products for full price online or pay a small fee and become a distributor, by having the distributor status you automatically are eligible to sell you product for profit and receive 40 percent discount on the product you buy, the more you sell the more you make and move up in the company. This product could be good for the energy drink because if the right market is selected the idea of making money off selling energy drinks is appealing, there would be increased profit due to the sign up fee as well as the increase in sales.



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