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Catholic Church

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So during my Thanksgiving Break my aunt had a ceremony I would say for my Uncle. He passed away a year ago and she did a service for him at her house. She is Catholic so it was my first time attending something like that. It started at 8 at night and lasted until 12. We were outside and she had a several canopies and rented a heater. My aunt got a priest to control the service. He first asked us to stand up and he said a prayer and he began to recite some verses and everyone repeated after. He then began to sang and everyone did also. After they did the sign of the cross with their hands. And he asked us to sit. We sat and my Aunt came and said thanks to everyone who came and she began to talk about my Uncle. He passed away from kidney cancer and my cousins passed out green ribbons and on the ribbons it had his name and the day of his death and a bible verse. So the priest came back and asked everyone to stand up and he began to sing and everyone repeated after. Most of the service was him reciting verses and singing. But I do remember a prayer that the priest said. He said something about how God forgive him and open the doors of Heaven for him. I got sleepy so I went to my Aunt's room to go sleep. We ended sleeping over because it ended late. In the morning, my Aunt woke me up and everyone that stayed over she took the cemetery in which he was buried at and we all gathered around and we began to sing his favorite song. We stayed for a while and ended going back home afterwards. It was different and sad because my Aunt still mourns for him. But I know he is in a better place and praying for my Aunt so God can give her peace.



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