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Criticisms of the Catholic Church

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Essay Preview: Criticisms of the Catholic Church

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Criticisms of the Catholic Church

Criticism of the Catholic Church includes critical observations made about the current and historical Catholic Church, in its actions, teachings, omissions, structure, or nature, in which theological disagreements are made upon a denominational basis. What makes the topic, of the Roman Catholic Church, so difficult to critize is that the teachings of this denomination that it was built upon, are being critized by the people that do not quite comprehend them. And as a result of the fact that they are not of the Catholic population they belive they have the right to critize what they do not understand.

Criticisms may regard the concepts of papal (Pope) primacy and supremacy, or aspects of church structure, governance, and particular practices. Since the Catholic Church is the largest Christian church, representing over half of all Christians and, one sixth of the world's population, these criticisms may not necessarily represent the majority view of all Christian and nonclerical believers. Criticism of the Catholic Church in previous centuries were more closely related to theological and ecclesiological (study of the Christian Chruch) disputes. The Protestant Reformation, in the 16th century in Europe, came about in no small part due to abuses of church practices by corrupt clergy in addition to these same theological disputes.

Contemporary disputes compounded the theological grievances between Catholics and other denominatons and, to this day the debate has been reflected in the diversity of Christian denominations, in which many of the contemporary criticisms of the Catholic Church relate to philosophy, culture, and media scandals.

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The vindications against the Catholic Church consisting of the sexually abusive Catholic preists and the promiscuous Catholic school girls have been based on rare occurences that have been blown up in the media. As a result the name of the Catholic Church has diminished throughout history. In 2002, allegations of priests sexually abusing children were widely reported in the news media and articles such as this one posted on an online website, "Catholic School Girl Fabricating Teacher's Sexual Abuse," causes tension between the Roman Catholic population and the remaining other denomination population. With these allegations of sexual abuse made against them in the last 50 years, people come to the assumption that all of the Catholic Diocese can not be taken seriously.

The Catholic Chruch and the theology and the philosophy of the religion, offers a distinct contribution to our understanding of the prospects and threats of undertaking theology in the Christian tradition at the present point in time. Engaging other denominations in the philosophy of the Catholic religion from the modern period, and of recent official Roman



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