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Roman Catholic Church Answers the Big Questions

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Essay Preview: Roman Catholic Church Answers the Big Questions

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Roman Catholic Church Answers the Big Questions

Everyone in this world has questions which are needed to be answered. Unfortunately, not many religions have answers to all the questions in the world except for Christianity. The Roman Catholic Church teaches us many secrets of God, in which have the answers to the questions we are looking for. Questions such as the creation of the world, why so much suffering in the world, or an eternal life after death are being answered by Christianity through God's word, Jesus' death, and finally his teachings. Further on, we will see these questions answered through the Roman Catholic teachings.

How was the world created? As Christians, we believe that the world was created by the word of God during the beginning of time. Since God is almighty, He can make anything if He wishes to do so such as creating something into being such as Adam and Eve. Although Adam, like all other humans were obviously much more important than the Earth. It happen in an instant, God spoke and it happened. The whole creation was created in seven days. During these days Heaven and Earth, the Angels, the solar system and living things have been created. This whole creation brought itself suffering due to Adam and Eve who ate from the Tree of Life and Death, giving everyone the knowledge of sin.

In consequence, we then see evil and suffering in our daily lives whether in school or at home. But why are there such things in the world. We then have to question the ruler of all things. God gave both men and angels free will. This means they have the freedom to choose him or reject God. Lucifer (Who is now Satan) and the fallen angels chose to reject God, therefore they became evil. Adam and Eve were deceived by Satan making them eat from the Tree of Life, causing evil and suffering in this world. We can see that all this happened because of our mistakes. God could have stopped us from sinning, but that won't give us freedom. However, God will not allow evil unless He knew that goodness will be brought through the greatest suffering. This is why he sent his only Son to die for us out of his love, so that we might learn to share in His life and love. Which choice is better: A God that controls humans or a God that seeks out everyman when they are astray and then dies for us in order for us to reach eternal life?

Furthermore, do we Christians believe in eternal life? Well, the most common and accurate belief for all Christians is that after death, one's soul or spirit leaves their physical body, and appears in the presence of God. Here the Spirit is judged according to what their belief in Jesus Christ. We as Christians do not have the right to say whether anybody shall go to hell or not, this judgment is left to God and God alone. We know that if you believe in Jesus Christ who is God and that he died for our sins, he will grant us to live with him in



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