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Catholic Society

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Being a Catholic citizen in a free society is very tough. For one, we have some major responsibilities. Some of these responsibilities are very obvious obligations, but others not as much. Most of these responsibilities are just a way of our everyday lives, but no matter what, all of them are still very important. Going to Mass every Sunday is a very obvious obligation for a Catholic citizen; it is one of the Ten Commandments. Another obligation of ours is confessing our sins, also known as Reconciliation. Receiving communion, another one of our seven commandments, is another responsibility of ours. Every one of these is very important. However, they are not the only responsibilities we have. We Catholic Citizens have other important responsibilities. These responsibilities include donating time and money to both the church and the homeless. Another responsibility is spreading the word, meaning spreading the good news of the Lord to others. Standing up for what you believe in is also very important. It may be hard sometimes, but if you believe in your heart that it truly is the right thing, then follow your heart. One of the most well-known of the responsibilities is helping those in need. Some examples of this are volunteering at soup kitchens and other places people go to when they do not have food. Catholic citizens also donate their time and money to Children's homes, homeless shelters, and other places related to that. Giving to the church is another responsibility. It makes both you and others feel good. So, as you can see, Catholic citizens have a lot of responsibilities. There are many challenges surrounding us every day, challenges that we need to be willing to take on.



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