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What Are the Responsibilities of the Catholic in a Free Society

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Essay Preview: What Are the Responsibilities of the Catholic in a Free Society

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What are the Responsibilities of a Catholic Citizen in a Free Society?

Catholics play an important role in a free society. A free society gives us the freedom to do certain things. Hopefully these things are beneficial to others. We have many responsibilities we must try to carry out. Just think, WWCD (What Would Catholics Do)?

One of these responsibilities is attending Mass. This responsibility is one of the most important ones. It helps us bond to God, our Father, and to lead us farther on the path to heaven. Mass is a time to forget about all the stress and worries in our life and spend time with God. Going to Mass helps us to be better Catholic citizens. Another thing we do at Mass in take the Eucharist. The Eucharist allows Jesus' body and blood into our mind, heart, and soul.

One other responsibility of Catholics in a free society is donating time and money to people who need it, like a soup kitchen, a senior center, or your school.

Another way to be a good Catholic citizen is to do community service, like highway litter cleanup. One other way to be a good citizen is to volunteer at an animal shelter. We are responsible to protect all life, because all life is precious. There are inhumane puppy mills in the Missouri areas that encourage breeders to breed excessive amounts of puppies, forcing them to live in unsanitary conditions. We must try to protect these animals and do all we can to make sure they find good homes as Catholics in a free society.

A way to be a good Catholic is to donate time or money to help children in our community, like foster homes such as Angel's Arms and other children's charities.

As Catholics, we can write to our government officials, mentioning ways to improve the community, and support the causes that we as Catholics believe in.

Another thing Catholics should support is Pro-Life. Pro-Life is the belief that unborn babies must be protected, that it wouldn't be right to abandon them in development. They have lots to see and do in the world, and we should all remember the facts that God has plans for everyone; we may not find our goal in life this year, but hopefully we will find out what God has created us to do sometime in the future, but stopping us from even starting our journey to our goal in life is the wrong thing to do.

In a free society, we are granted the opportunity to share our faith with other people. They might be interested in our faith, and would probably consider choosing our faith, which means more people on the path to Jesus.

Catholics have many responsibilities in a free society. We attend Mass. We volunteer at animal shelters. We donate time and money to the people who need it. We support Pro-Life. We write to our government officials to mention ways to make our society a better place.

Just think, What



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