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Cause and Effect

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Essay Preview: Cause and Effect

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Lying is all around us; it never stops, every few minutes another lie is being said. It can either benefit everyone, or it can turn out for the worse. Lying is easily influenced among adolescents, as children, parents have always taught their kids that lying is a horrible habit and should not be encouraged, As the children grow up, they learn from everyone around them, and can't help but start to lie, making lying no longer a bad habit because they witness the lies that are coming out of everyone's mouth. There are two main types of lies, there's the occasional white lie that doesn't seem as bad. Also, there's the severe lie that hurts the person that was lied to.

A lie is a lie, doesn't matter if it's a little white lie or a severe lie, it still ends up hurting everyone's feelings. People lie for several reasons, but the main reason is, pressure, pressure that is being pushed upon them. Being an adolescent now in days is hard; some are picked on, some are always alone and have no friends, when all they want is acceptance, and others have friends, but just want to be accepted by "The Cool Crowd" to hang out with them. Pressuring them to lie to everyone they know, saying whatever it takes just so they can have their ten minutes of fame. Based on the saying "Easy come easy go," acceptance comes only for a matter of time, eventually everything goes back to normal. The "loners" will be all alone once again known as just a filled space, the ones who were striving to be part of "The Cool Crowd" will be exiled, this time without any friends seeing how they betrayed their old acquaintances.

Getting into trouble is a situation that everyone tries to avoid, who we try to avoid, it's obvious that we try to avoid getting in trouble with the authority, who do we consider to be the authority? Everyone, parents, teachers, police, and last but not least the "The Head Honcho" aka boss. Parents look out for the well being in their children, when kids disobey their parents, naturally they try to come up with something so that their punishment will be eased upon them, if they passed their curfew time and parents found out, the lie would be, "Sorry I was on my way but we ran into some delays." After saying your excuse, parents keep asking questions, and all you keep coming up with is lies for answers. Police look out for the good in everyone, stopping anyone that does not abide by the law. Whether a cop stops you for speeding where you can't or even looking suspicious.

Teachers and Bosses are the worst of them, they have the most power out of all of them, and they have the power to make you stay after class, redo work that was not done right, and stay there until it is done correctly. Lying to your boss can show up and affect your yearly evaluation and every evaluation after that. Teachers assign projects and it is up to the student to do the work. If not finished or even started when it is due, the old fashion saying "My dog ate it," but this is the twenty-first century, things have changed since those



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