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Drinking Case - Effects

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Drinking is a terrible problem across the world; the effects of drinking are life struggle, addiction, family problems, and death. I arrange these effects from least to greatest to show which is the least effect to the most dangerous effect. People drink because they see it as a way out of their problem. In addition, you might find someone that drink because he or she enjoys it. People drink because of death in a family, and see it as a way to remember that person.

Initially the most common, yet least important effect of drinking is life struggle. I watch my step drink when he is the only one helping take care of his mom and when it starts to get to hard to support the family. In addition, I myself would drink when my dad would never help my mom take care of me when I was in high school, or say he would do this for me and never keep his word. Some people drinking when there are too many bills and things not going right. They drink when they are the only one's working, and do not have support from the spouse. They see that drinking helps out the problem by making them forget about it. You might have one person in the family that would stay home, clean up the house, wash loads of clothes, and cook food. Someone might drink when they have to give up on a dream just has helped their family. Some people just drink to make their life struggle go by easy and fast. In addition, some want to get away from a painful reality. You might have a wife that drinks because she just had a miscarriage.

Next, the most common, but important effect is family problems. I saw this effect within my household where my step dad was drinking too much and my mom gave him a choose between his drinking and us. In addition, families try to stop their love's ones from drinking. Some people split up because their spouses have a drinking problem. They have kids that see their parents doing it and will want to try as well. Drinking can cause a husband and wife, or wife and husband to fight each other. Their family member embarrasses some people because they will show up places drunk and making a scene. Some people choose to drink because of pressure from family. It can cause a father or mother to beat on their child because their drunk. This can cause a child to feel powerlessness because they see themselves as the problem of their parents drinking. In addition, it can make that child act up in school because he or she is not getting the attention they need at home. Last, it can make a child grow up being that same way because he or she grew up around that in their life.

Third, most common, and dangerous effect of drinking is the addiction. I myself see this addiction everyday when I go around my family from the grandparent to down to the cousins. Some people drink themselves until they passed out. In addition, I had a friend that woke everyday and would start to drink just because. Some people would eat their own throw up because they do not want it



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