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Cctw on "the Happy Memories Club" by Lee Smith

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Essay Preview: Cctw on "the Happy Memories Club" by Lee Smith

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CCTW on "The Happy Memories Club" by Lee Smith


There is much consistency between Alice as a young and old woman. As a young Alice, she took life in her hands and she showed greatest commitment to her mother and her family. Now many years after, Alice is so completely full of life and in love with Solomon, her most recent beau. Some people do not want to live long lives, for fear of the pain and loneliness that comes with losing everyone around them, but not Alice.


Alice's story-within-the-story is told us to entertain or and to act as an example to of her character. It has symbolic and psychological significance for the Alice's character in her early life. The story-within-the-story jumps from what is happening in the present, to inside Alice's head, to Alice's story as she continues to read. Going back to her memories she distances herself from her stationary present and from Solomon, her most recent love. Alice's story-within-the-story seems very natural, very believable and true. It shows how active, passionate and intelligent is she as a senior, in contrast to the slow and bitter ladies from her writing group.


This quote has to do with how basically the person you are in the present is who you're going to be forever. The more things change, the more they stay the same. It's like when you're a kid you dream of being something so much greater, but really you strive for whatever goals and you become this person you used to fantasize about. All the while you're still the same person in the same body. Somehow everything really does happen for a reason. Every choice every action shapes the person you become.



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