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Challenges in Maybank’s Human Resource Management Team

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Essay Preview: Challenges in Maybank’s Human Resource Management Team

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These are the information about the company’s managerial issues corresponding to Human Resource of Maybank;


Why Maybank recruit people into their company in the first place? From the question, we all know that recruiting functioned to expand the company where we need to hire more people as it will increase the expansion goals that Maybank targeted.

As we all know Maybank is one of the famous bank in Malaysia, so when it comes to recruiting, the bank itself faced problem like any other bank does, to get the most reliable and high quality employee, even though there are many candidates with magnificent resumes with amazing GPA and numerous are highly recommended to be employed in the company, but the candidates at present are lacking in skills, talent, experiences and to add most of them do not have the qualitative personality attributes match with the skills needed to do the job well, later, it will produce a worker with low commitment in producing output from their works. Maybank may suffer poor performance for some period more likely start to left behind from the other competitive companies.

Consequently, when it comes down to the bottom line of the issues, they might hire the wrong person and when that happens they need to make sure to train the person to be better to fill in the spot in the company, thus, the cost in producing a good worker is increasing as it was spent on training by outsiders, including payments for training companies and tuition reimbursement.


Most of the company will use this method to assess the company’s performance by monitoring the employee’s job performance. Talent or employee are the essence of a successful company, as Maybank serve 17 countries, a lot of hand have helped to maintain the performance of the bank, but, to achieve that, Maybank must make sure the 47,000 and more of their employees have the best performance throughout the years.

Performance appraisal are indeed crucial to get good results of their employee, as employees are human in nature, which means that they will encounter problem during work and in their personal life, henceforth, this will affect their performance in the company. For instance, from the information given by an article, Eileen Low Siu Ping, is one of the staff members in Maybank Group Community Financial Service at Menara Maybank, said that “I often came to work late, which reflected poorly on my performance. It was a challenge to be at the office by 8.45am because I have to take care of my sibling, who requires intensive medical attention”, this shows that external and internal problem faced by the employees affecting their work routine and resulting in poor achievement which also affecting the result of the company.



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