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Human Resource Managment Asda Assignment

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Essay Preview: Human Resource Managment Asda Assignment

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CMI Level 7 Diploma in Strategic Management & Leadership


Human resource management has become a regular process in an organization, it helps HR department to set the specific objectives for staff. We can't deny the importance of experienced and qualified human in any company; they support to meet the company's strategic plans and assist to gain competitive advantage. It is all about determining the specific long term plans regarding workforce, and finding enough skills and resources available to fulfil those plans. Such policies and programmes are organized, which leads towards the improving the personal's personalities and improving the profitability of the company. In today's competitive world, it is very necessary for the organization's to have some core and unique competencies and skills. For example some companies use human resource management as a tool to survive in tough competition. In addition, it is also essential to have a proper human resource system, so that more qualified and skilled people could come to the company and enhance the company's performance. Talented humans help company to maintain the company's reputation and brand image. When human resource management is done at corporate level, it forces managers to assess the required competencies and physical infrastructure, to meet the desired long term vision and company's mission.

In order to best demonstrate the practical exposure, I have explained the example for the ASDA.

ASDA Group Ltd: Initially it started working as ASDA stores limited, formed by Associated Dairies and Farms stores limited in 1984 in Leeds. Later on, in 1965, some companies emerged named, Asquith chains of supermarkets and it has renamed itself as ASDA Group Limited. ASDA has started expanding its branches, and most recent news for its expansion is, in February 2011, it has acquired six more outlets from Focus DIY, and has planned to reform these outlets into supermarket and grocery shops. ASDA is the largest network in UK, selling grocery items, clothing, cosmetics, home accessories, and mobile phones etc.

My aim to prepare this assignment is to explain all practical policies adopted in ASDA and some other prospect such as:

* How cruical is to plan the hauman resource approach to fulfil the desired performance criteria of the company.

* How various laws and regulation has infulence upon such policies

* Necessaity to have supportive culture and operational atmosphere for such human resource policies.

* Effect of the presencee of different regulations protecting the Employee's right, such as Employement Act, and how these laws can infulence the Human resource planning.

LO1: Understand how the HR plan supports the strategic objectives


It is quite essential to identify and organize the company's different types of assets, so that analyst could analyze the feasibility of new projects. The core resource of the company is the human resource, and managers seek the required level of the skill and knowledge, which can help the company to achieve its mission and can provide the company the desired outcomes.

For the sake of continual development of the ASDA, its main focus is upon the customer satisfaction and it also supports the minority concerns. Some other company's focus are stated and explained below

* Making available the economic products to general public to facilitate them with all items under one roof

* Providing friendly customer services

* Expanding the distribution channels

* Satisfying the customer's demands through innovative products

In addition, ASDA has set out some critical success factors, and put concentration upon these aspects such as customers, employees, supplier, and above all its financial performance.

Like other customer care organizations, ASDA's earnings have been increased over period, and this brand has become customer preference due to their fulfillment of the corporate social responsibility. Companies who prefer the customer's concerns and work towards the satisfying the customer present and potential demand, have sustained profits and assured long term return


It is a systematic approach involving different steps in human resource planning for anticipated future need, given below;

* Human resource department should first make an assessment of the company's overall plan, and determine the desired level of experience and skills, which could be useful in getting the planned results.

* The management should first seek the desired competency level in organization, if right talent is not present in company then there is a need to advertise the job vacancies.

* The best way is to improve the existing employee's skills level and conducting the continual development plans.

* After the above approach is adopted, managers should regular assess the results, and match with the initial plans, if there are some flaws, mangers should take corrective actions to resolve the issues.

* Above different steps for the implementation of the human resource management are explained. In the meanwhile, it is vital to describe the role and the key responsibility of the HR manager. So here are some key job responsibilities stated below:

* Managers prepare the reports for the required no of people for specific projects with stating their job descriptions.

* Planning and organizing the personal development plans and programs for the employees.

* Setting the reward system to motivate employees and pursuing them to perform their jobs effectively

* Drawing attention of all staff towards the company's norms and ethical behavior and making the working conditions favorable to them.

* Clearly define the line of authority and responsibility of each employee. Making aware all employee's of the consequence of their job performance.

* Planning helps to deal with the unforeseen human resource demands, and it makes sure that proper number of staff is available for any overtime or any challenging demand of the clients.



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