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Change Is Not Always a Good Thing

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Change is Not Always a Good Thing

There have been many changes in this world we live in today. As a young adult, I prefer no change for our future. It seem as the years pass by our future doesn't look so bright for us. It has always been a struggle for me in my world, but my generation keep proven statics right. In the essay, "The Front Porch" Chester McCovey explains the shift from porch to garage tells us about the world in which we live, how it came to be and how it will continue to change. There are many changes in today's society that are helpful, but not all change is good. For instance, a university having budget cuts and placing certain organizations in the wrong department cause of not wanting to go outside of their administration. Most of the time change has a purpose of making one or two issues better, but in the end there's always something or someone left behind and then there's another problem to solve. I feel tradition is the way to go in this world today. To get a reaction out of most people today is going with the old and not with the new. Everyone is different and have their opinions and actions. If you live on a university campus that's not private and there is no visitation, what would you expect out of your student body? Their reaction would be upset and frustrated because they all are adults and responsible for their selves. Changing the policy to a university and not informing all of the university is not good change. The old way of doing things make more since to people because it has already been done. Therefore, we see an example of what progress is. Change impact everyday life by improving it. Most of the time people expect that change to be right and to improve what was wrong.



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