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Why Good People Do Bad Things?

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Why good people do bad things?

There are different person in this world, the good and the bad. Some of them are identified by the things that they do and some of them are hiding in so many ways that we can’t easily distinguish. But I know that there are more good people that bad one but some of them are being one of the bad people because for me, good people do bad things if they are push to their limits. Good people are still human, means that they are not immune to do bad things sometimes or more over unintentionally. For example, a good man was being bullied and hurt physically. If they are on their limits of understand, they might hurt the bully as well or do something bad unintentionally. Also good people do bad things because they are triggered by the people around them or maybe they don’t have any choice or option that’s why they came up to an idea like that.

A lot of good people do bad things because they are more likely tempted by the demons. Good people are prone to temptations because God wants to test their faith. We all know how hard to resist this temptations because of that I think it is one of the reasons why good people do bad things. And most of the time good people tend to attempts to do an unnecessary things because evil is always there, because God create evil as well, that’s why there are some churches that can help us to lead into diversity of human kind. People nowadays are willing to do anything just to get what they want and that is the reason why good people bad things, they are too eager to be one of the best or maybe one of the most remarkable one. They are too competitive that they don’t notice that what they are doing were not healthy at all.



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