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Child Development

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Essay Preview: Child Development

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The ability to interact successfully and cooperatively with others is a central life skill, and is an essential building block in child development. When a child acts in ways that reflect concern and consideration for others, it tends to lead to social responsibility. How this trait is achieved can be reached through social interactions; primarily parental relations. However, a topic frequently brushed under the rug when it comes to child development is birth order; simply, the place the child was born in in comparison with his/her siblings.

First born children usually become the center of attention in the household. They are known to be the goal setters, over achievers, and perfectionists. Parents, more times than none, become over-protective and spoil their first child. In light of this, they sometimes have a difficult time sharing with other siblings and peers.

Due to the majority of the parent's efforts, time, and money spent in the first born child, the second born child often feels inadequate and has the urge to compete with the older sibling. Second born children are usually out going and have better social skills that kept the family together. They may have even been the peacemaker as the middle child, trying to maintain the calm in the family that was otherwise a little chaotic.

For the last born child, the sense of inadequacy from the middle child is allegedly passed down. The youngest child is likely to be the most rebellious.



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