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Child Development

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Essay Preview: Child Development

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The reasons in taking a child development are because this class will help me with understanding the stages of a child's development and it will help me with my major in sociology. In understanding the stages of a child development I will be a comprehensive adult as a future mother, sister, auntie, and social worker. By taking a child development it will help me with my area of major which is sociology. In the field of social work it does require I understand the stages of the growth of a child.

What I hope to learn in the class is how our peers and environment can affect the growth of a child. I hope to learn the technics in observing a child in why a child might be misbehaving. Second, I want to learn how I can relate my experience of growth through the different stages of developing such as during infant years, toddles, preschool, and school aged. Third, I want to learn the psychology of the child's brain. Lastly, I also hope to learn why at certain ages the child begins to misbehave for example during the terrible twos.

The fictional ad executive Roger Sterling has now done hallucinogens. The real show runner Matthew Weiner has not, though he had his chances.

One opportunity for the "Mad Men"creator came as an undergraduate at Wesleyan University in Connecticut during Uncle Duke Day, a campus tradition where some students honored the Doonesbury comic strip character and his fondness for drugs. Weiner remembered a classmate bursting into his room and declaring: "We're all going to take mushrooms -- and you're not invited."

"I was voted most likely to upset everyone," said Weiner, who laughed and then turned more serious during a lengthy interview at his Los Angeles Center Studios office. "My father was a neurologist, and I was terrified from a young age of anything that could possibly take away from my faculties or make me jump off a roof."

Maintaining a sober equilibrium is a career through line for Weiner, who is well aware of his reputation for being -- as he has put it before -- "an insane control freak." It's a style that has his name stamped on the writing credits for almost 50 of the show's 65 episodes -- a high number for a show runner. But it's that devil-in-the-details attention, not coincidentally, that has earned his AMC period show built around a Madison Avenue ad firm four consecutive outstanding drama series Emmys.

The 46-year-old writer and executive producer may have passed on a personal experience with psycheledics , but his influential program has been on a wild trip of its own this spring as it descended deeper into the cultural tumult of the 1960s. From "Zou Bisou Bisou" to suicide, and there's the fifth-season finale Sunday.



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