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Infancy and Child Development

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Essay Preview: Infancy and Child Development

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Observation helps us to learn different things about other people like their behavior, how intelligent they are, how good they are in interacting with people, their growth of development, and their ability of learning etc. Observing children is really a different experience then observing someone who's older because children's are more enthusiastic, energetic, and eager to learn new things.

The setting of my observation took place in a toy room, and in a garden. Also, it takes place in my Aunt's house where she baby-sit few kids and also I observed Leslie who lives in my neighborhood. My aunt house is a really big house which has five bedrooms, living room, dinning room, a TV room, two restrooms, kitchen, a toy room where her kids spent a lot of time there. Aunty house is well cleaned and furnished. She has two kids who are Chris and Meghan and she baby sit three other kids too.

At my Aunt house I observed Brian who is seven years old, Chris who is six years old, Meghan who is three and a half years old, Melissa who is five year old, Julia who is five year old, both Melissa and Julia are twins who get along a lot with each other and Leslie who is five and half years old but she lives near my house. When I was observing all these kids I saw girls were shy and reserved a lot where boys were more outgoing and energetic and loves to play with video games a lot. In addition Leslie was different from all these kids she was outgoing, hyper, and energetic because she is the only child of her parents, which makes a lot of different because her parents spoils her a lot.

I observed all these kids for almost forty five minutes because I want to see differences between in friends, siblings, and only one child of her parents who gets everything whatever she demands. When I was observing these kids at my aunt house I saw all of them were shy towards me and they didn't seem like they were very sociable because I was a strange person to them accept Chris and Meghan. From my own experience I think all children experience a little bit of strange anxiety towards the new person all the time because they just see who they know and live around them. Also, if children are left alone with a strange person they don't feel comfortable or they start crying.

After few minutes while I was with them we all went in the garden and we all were playing through ball, which they all loved it and boys were more into the game then girls. Moreover, I notice Brian become little wild because he had some symptoms of autism which makes him little angry during the game and which made me nervous. Furthermore, after twenty minutes we all went inside and played in a toy room where these kids spent a lot of time there and play with toys which includes kitchen set, cars, balls, stuffed animals, dolls, Barbie's, TV, video games, and cars etc. In addition, Julia had a stuffed bear which she carries with her all the time and when she is sitting on a chair she talks to the bear and tell him to eat food which was so cute.

Where as I saw Brian is an artist and he loves to draw pictures and he put a lot of effort in drawing an airplane and he had given a human character to it. The airplane is standing upright with its tail, which looks much like a person's legs standing straight on the ground. The wings go straight out, side-to-side and carry the resemblance of a person's arms. The head of the airplane has an overall accurate shape. On the head of the airplane, Brian has drawn two eyes and a smiling mouth. An artist can only do this kind of creativity because a normal person can't think that much about art. Moreover, when we all were in the toy room I notice that the kid's language development was amazing because of the grammatical problems, which mostly all kids have when they are growing up. When I was talking to them in some words these kids were missing "ed" in the end of the some words for e.g. hitted, sitted etc and I think they don't know how to use "ed" in an appropriate way or when they have to use it. Moreover, these kids were keep repeating things after me what I was saying to them, which was making me irritated for some time.

Furthermore I observed a girl for one hour her name is Leslie and she is a bright little girl who I observed for almost one hour and she is my neighbor and I know her from past four years. She is five and half years old who love dogs and has one, which is German shepherd of black and tan color. She is an active child and she can't



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