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Childrens Museum Review

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The Evansville museum had a lot of great artwork in it, I really enjoyed the still life exhibit. Some pieces in particular was one by James Aponovich, that was a still life of a bunch of random objects on some kind of table with a quilt draped over it. The color in this piece is great, the balance of colors is very well used with the colored flowers on a vase to the upper left then the yellow bowls to the right with the quilt colors tying it all together and bringing it to a whole piece. The lines and patterns in the quilt are fantastic, and colors go great with each other, very clean as well. The shadows and highlights are well done in this piece but at the same time they feel a little bland and could be used better. Another piece I enjoyed was the landscape piece by John Ottis Adams, it was of a river, or it looked more like a flooded area, with fall colored trees and a beautiful sunset. The reflection of the sun in this piece definitely balances it out and pulls the painting together as a whole. When looking at the piece you almost want to squint because it is so brightly well done. I do like how he used his foreground in a washed out way to make the painting more 3d looking, but I wish the main mass of trees was not directly in the middle. I feel as if the trees were a little more spread out and balanced the painting would be much more appealing to the eye and not so focused on one main chunk, the bigger tree and sun. Overall this gallery was great, lots of great artists works are in this museum and I will definitely go back and visit it again if they get new pieces in.



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