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China Case

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As time went on China's geography has brought much change positive and negative. As China developed industrially, its environment suffered. China's environmental state went through drastic changes from the past to the present. China's geography has impacted the environment in ancient times and present day.

China has a very diverse geography. China is filled with rivers, mountains, plains, hills, and deltas(website 1.)Due to all of these features China is isolated from the outside world. The Himalayas mountains isolated China from India. The isolation even isolates some cities from each other. This opens China to competition of their economy(website 1). China is also getting populated rapidly and the isolation is making the population uneven. China also creates high winds making it easier to have wind energy(website 4). As you can see geography plays a big role on a country.

China faced many environmental challenges in the past. Isolation makes china self-sufficient. Self-sufficient means the ability to live independently. This has many positive and negative effects on Chinese life. This is positive because they show a very strong economy. This is negative because they are not getting the best grains or other foods and they are taking away from their own. China is very ethnocentric. They believe they are better than any other country. China also had a very hard time farming due to the steep mountains and hills. The Chinese invented a method called terrace farming. Terrace farming was a type of farming when the Chinese cut into the mountains and hills like steps and farmed on the steps. It was an unbelievable invention for the people because they could now support themselves with food.

China also has many modern problems. The three most important are air pollution, water pollution and water scarcity. China is a very big industrial country. All of these industries pollute the air and make it very dangerous. The mountains block out the wind in a part of China which creates a black cloud (website 2). This also prevents crops from growing and kills the living ones. The mourning for China are very tough. Because of the mountains the mourning's are -10 degrees and full of smog. Water scarcity is another huge factor in Chinese life. Northern China is effected the greatest without water. Water pollution and desertification are the reasons why water is so scarce. As the population increases water scarcity increases. 60% of the Hai River is polluted. A river in china is so polluted that it has a red tint to it making it even less appealing to the people(website 7). Desertification is another problem China is facing. Desertification is the drying up of land. This makes it have a desert like climate and non arable. 43.62% of land in China is experiencing desertification. Desertification is cause mostly by human activities such as over grazing and excess reclamation.(website 5)

China is having a hard time



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