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Chinese Communism

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The major difference between the Chinese Revolution and the Soviet Revolution are their ideologies that they practice. Mao ZeDong, a member of the CPC, or Chinese Communist Party, follows the path of Stalin. Therefore, without any other studies, one could guess that Chinese Communism followed Stalin while another followed Lenin and Trotsky. China's government and communist party tried to incorporate Marxist ideology more than the Soviets ever accepted it into their own country.

Leninism is a political and economic theory which builds upon Marxism; it is a division of Marxism (and it has been the dominant branch of Marxism in the world since the 1920's). Leninism was developed by the Vladimir Lenin, and it was also positioned into practice by him after the Russian Revolution. Lenin deeply cared about the working poor in Russia and was truly brokenhearted by their oppressed troubles under the Tsar. Maoism had to work the problem backwards, starting with small rebellions in physically dispersed areas until the Japanese raid weakened the Kuomintang sufficiently to allow Maoist constant control of several regions in China. Maoism was more of a rural faction where Leninism was based more on factory workers.

The official view is that China has now reached an economic and political period, known as the main stage of socialism, in which China faced new and different problems completely unexpected by Mao, and the solutions that Mao put in place were no longer appropriate to China's current conditions. After Mao died, Deng Xiaoping took over and started to replace the collective economy and permitted peasants to sell to an open market. Deng began a huge industrial transformation. Deng's policies brought an financial explosion that increased the revenue of the Chinese people. The only downside was that there was now social separations between city and country, rich and poor people.

Under the new leadership of Hu Jintao, Deng's political beliefs continue. Democracy is on its way to China. If China can control resourcefully the increasing price rises, fraud and rural displeasure and the demands of the people, democratic freedoms will be there soon. China is on its way to become a thriving country.



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