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Choosing the Right Social Media Platform for Your Business – a Conceptual Framework

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Essay Preview: Choosing the Right Social Media Platform for Your Business – a Conceptual Framework

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Choosing the right social media platform for your business – A Conceptual framework

Sandip Ghosh


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15th Dec , 11:59pm

First, before creating the conceptual framework of the right social media platforms, lets us go through the different social media platforms.

  1. Facebook
  2. Twitter
  3. Pinterest
  4. YouTube
  5. LinkedIn
  6. Instagram
  7. Google+
  8. SnapChat

[pic 1]

Figure 1 Different social media platforms and their stats


Facebook has a user base of 1.79 billion monthly. ( The age group of users in Facebook starts from as low as 20 and it gradually moves upwards till the range of 60. The main purpose of active users of Facebook is relationship buildings. It is best for building brand loyalty. The beauty of Facebook, is that you not only get the posts from your friends but also from yours friends’ friends. So let’s take a scenario, where one person is having a friend base of 1000, and now each of those friends has another friend base of 1000. So what, the size of the network is 1,000,000 (1 million) people. So this cascading effects, actually helps in making some videos or post viral through this social media platform. But the search algorithm in Facebook, is something which is not the best in class.


Twitter has over 350mn monthly active user. 6000 tweets per seconds, that corresponds to over 2 billion tweet per year. Twitter is also an excellent platform to increase awareness of a brand. The hashtag feature that is uses to organize the tweets in and around the phrases. So the search algorithm in twitter is much better than its rival Facebook. It is one of the best medium for public relationship. Since Twitter is often used to provide real time updates to an audience, many brands combine Twitter with offline engagement, such as events.


Pinterest is utilized for "scrapbooking" or, at the end of the day, sparing substance by "sticking" photographs to a virtual announcement board. Female clients rule the Pinterest statistic. Probably the most widely recognized pins are formulas, style thoughts, striking photos, and DIY creates.

Since Pinterest is a visual-based stage, it requires solid design to draw in more clients. Fruitful business utilization of Pinterest has been connected to solid retail deals.


One of the most used social media platform, it terms of net minutes spends per day. The average session in YouTube is around 40 minutes. And with over 1.2 active monthly users, we can actually gauge the amount of time share YouTube is having. All the important this, is that to use YouTube, we need not log into it or neither do we need to have any account. Thus YouTube have been a huge success in the developing and the third world countries.

Accordingly, YouTube has turned out to be one of the greatest web crawler stages. A large number of these looks are for "How To" recordings. Benefit industry organizations who can offer this kind of substance function admirably on this stage.


LinkedIn has the qualification of being the most used stage for more seasoned groups of onlookers. It gloats the biggest clients among ages 30-49. LinkedIn is additionally one of a kind since it has a restricted core interest. Individuals utilize LinkedIn to look for occupations and to arrange professionally. Subsequently, the stage is helpful for B2B lead era, general systems administration, and in addition enlisting workers.

Also with the use of analytics, LinkedIn has gone up the rank of the best social media platform in term of job searches and job posting. It is regarded as a platform where people could look into the profile of potential candidate and take decision much faster.


Instagram is one of the quickest developing stages, particularly among a youthful group of onlookers. Like Pinterest, Instagram depends on photographs for discussion. Subsequently, this stage works truly well for visual based organizations, similar to workmanship, sustenance, retail, and excellence.

Since it's a developing stage, there's less commotion than Facebook. This implies the stage is valuable for producing leads in light of the fact that your compass is more extensive.


Now looking into the strategy model or the framework that should be used in determining the best suitable social media platform.

[pic 2]

Figure 2 Strategy Model

1. Goals

Business Objectives 



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