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Christine Vadis Case

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Christine Vadis

English Period 1

Ms. Harrington

25 February 2013

Freedom of Speech

There are many people who believe that teenagers are rude, disrespectful, and arrogant. All one has to do is go to a local mall and witness first handedly why most people think this way. Teenagers are most likely to use freedom of speech as a way to expand there vocabulary and their minds to greater decisions and opportunities ... Not! They would rather expand their inappropriate vocabulary words, which are unnecessary, and use them frivolously at the wrong time and wrong place as usual.

As a child, or teenager, you are already limited to many things such as drinking, smoking, and "R" movies. Why would it matter now that you cannot say as much as you want? Only because what would eventually come out of your mouth would probably be a swear word. Unless your in the privacy and comfort in your own home and or alone with friends. If you are patient, you will see the changes made when you are to come of age, which is 18, and that day will soon come. Although, even at the age of eighteen it is frowned apon. Also, as a newly adult, you are given more responsibilities when more freedom is given to you. So, your main priority would not be about freedom of speech most likely.

I think it is irrelevant, for a child under the age of seventeen, to care about their rights to the freedom of speech, because either way right now, you are "owned" by your parents you must have parent consent anf their permission for almost everything until you turn eighteen. When your turn eighteen, you do mot really have to do what your parents say anymore, because thay have finished raising you, you are a young adult and etc. If you are at the age where you still need permission to carry your own medicine on a field trip or around school,(UNDER THE AGE OF EIGHTEEN) why would you care that your freedom of speech is limited?



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