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Christmas Case

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Worst Deed

Christmas was coming up. The iPod was just becoming popular. My older had gotten the iPod for her fourteenth birthday. I was extremely jealous of her. The iPod looked so cool. And I wanted it.

I asked my dad if I can get one as a Christmas present. He flat out said no. He explained to me that he can't afford another iPod. But I can get something similar to an iPod. We searched online for music players like one. I found one. It was an MP3 Player. It looked just like an iPod and was better. It had a camera. Please note that this was when iPods did not have cameras. It was perfect for me. I was actually excited to get this wonderful present.

Christmas finally came. I opened my MP3 Player and immediately decided to put songs on it. Well, once I had started using it, I hated it. I hated it so much. To look at the pictures, I'd have to plug it in my computer, go on a certain folder, and wait forever. Then it'd be a major bummer looking at the pictures because they are all blurry.. And the games there were really stupid. The touch screen was really off even if you'd redo the touch test thing. I was not pleased with the fact that you can only download about 14 songs from a cd on there either.

I would take the player to school and hear the fourteen songs I had on there in the mornings. For the rest of the day, I would shove it in my backpack and forget I had it. I forgot about it being in the front pouch of my backpack and threw my bag against the wall hitting it hard one day. So once I had reached in my bag for my MP3 Player, I realized it was all cracked. I got so scared and even started tearing up because I knew my dad would kill me. I decided to keep the cracked player a secret from everyone. I would never bring it out when I'm with my parents. And they won't suspect a thing. To this day, the cracked MP3 Player is still a secret from my parents, and to top it off, I had accidently dropped it in the movie theatre and didn't bother about telling my parents about it either. I knew they'd be really mad. They asked me where my player was and why I don't use it. I freaked out and told them I haven't seen it in a while. They automatically thought that someone from school, specifically someone from my band class because we just have all of our stuff there, had stolen it. I didn't want to talk about me leaving it in the theatre so I agreed to what they said and told them someone from school did take it. I was lying so much in a course of three weeks it wasn't healthy for me.

I felt sick to my stomach. I was very guilty about my MP3 Player. But I can't tell them the truth about it. So far, it's been 4 years and they still talk about kids stealing my MP3 Player. To this day, I have not told them the truth behind me hating the MP3 Player. I haven't told them about me cracking the player. Or damaging the device.



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