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Cicero Case

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The speech starts with Cicero saying that if a stranger comes into the court, they will notice that this was the only court in session since this is during the festival of the Great Mother. Cicero starts off telling the people about Caelius' father (a Roman knight) and how the prosecution was attempting to ruin Caelius by using his father. One of the things the prosecution said was that Caelius treats his father badly. He adds in the end that the final word can only be given by the father to confirm if it's true. Cicero says that he was shocked to see Atratinus at the court assigned to this part of the prosecution because of his young age, and he would've rather had a more toughened veteran to have handled the role. He wanted a more toughened veteran because then he would be able to speak boldly and badly. He adds that he would treat Atratinus more gently because he is friends with Atratinus and his father.

When Caelius has assumed the toga virilis, Cicero was asked to take Caelius under his care by his father. Also when Caelius was still young, Catiline and Cicero were both campaigning for the consulship. It was said that Caelius was too close to Catiline but Cicero adds in that he himself was deceived at one point and thought Catiline was a good citizen. But even with Catiline, Caelius never left Cicero's side. Then, he spends some time saying how good Caelius is and



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