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Cicero - a Famous Philosopher and Orator

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Essay Preview: Cicero - a Famous Philosopher and Orator

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The man known as Cicero is a famous philosopher and orator. He lived through a time when society was beginning to collapse and fall apart all together. The fall of the government led to dictatorship rule of the Roman Republic by numerous leaders including Sulla, Ceasar and two sets of Triumvirs.

Cicero who was a profound philosopher and writer began writing his opposition on Authoritarian dictatorship style of ruling. The way he felt about dictatorial rule was that it took away the right of an individual, as if your freedom had been taken away. In his eyes authority should be under unchangeable moral principles, which would allow for them to be amended. He was all about wanting Rome to return to the way it was, which to him be accomplished by changing people's thought, one person at a time.

In his writings he went on to explain his theory on what made life important. His thoughts had come from multiple sources, which led him to accept the moral standards of Stoicism, which were important to people in the everyday world. Which led him to take what he believed in and make Stoicism more Romanized. Panaetius, a Stoic philosopher developed a practical code that Cicero began to study and eventually altered to his liking. Panaetius thought was that right and advantage was not possible. Where Cicero believed that advantage would never conflict with what's right.

This followed by Cicero analyzing three questions by Panaetius to determine what actions were right or wrong. The three questions are: Is it morally right or wrong? Is it advantageous or disadvantageous? And what would the basis be if right and apparent advantage clash?



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