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Cities and Settlement 1

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  • Rural settlement: dispersed or clustered (nucleated)
  • Dispersed 🡪 seen in areas that are largely agricultural in economic nature; individuals own land
  • Canadian and American pioneer experience; land was organized into units and were sold or given away to European migrants coming to canada
  • Dispersed rural settlement patterns -🡪 field patterns; geometric (Canadian farms) vs irregular (European; non geometric)
  • Clustered settlement 🡪 nucleated; clustering together of residential units
  • Very first forms of cities were nucleated settlements that have grown over the years
  • Planned development vs organic development: strategic locations vs  natural points where people cluster e.g. living near your workplace


  • Depopulation 🡪 people leaving rural areas and moving to urban areas; linked to industrialization because less people needed on farms due to it
  • Farm depopulation 🡪 people leaving farms because of technology
  • Many small towns become ‘ghost towns’
  • Repopulation or counter-urbanization: contradictory evidence about the existence of urban to rural migration (rural repopulation); cities might get smaller as people move back to smaller areas
  • E.g. tele-commuting; you can live in rural areas and work from home instead of living near your workplace
  • E.g. decentralized industrial activities and ageing population and retirement communities
  • Retirees, wealthy, ‘hobby farmers’ etc;
  • Rural-urban fringe: transition zone between urban (suburban) and rural areas; Not really rural, just on the end of the city
  • Urban sprawl: the largely unpanned (and low density) expansion of urban land uses into surrounding rural areas
  • Government legislation intended to slow urban sprawl: ‘green belts’ which are areas pf ‘no-go’ zone of urban or suburban development; planned area of open, rural (and sometimes natural) land surrounding an urban area; where urban expansion is restricted
  • Differences between way of life in rural and urban areas 🡪 gemeinschaft: relationships between people are more communal and personal in rural areas
  • Gesellschaft: depersonalized and anonymous in urban areas
  • Size, density and heterogeneity in



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