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Civil Death

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Until the mid 70's, the USA used what was called Civil Death. The convict was kicked off the face of the planet and had NO rights while incarcerated for a felony crime. Life was harsh inside the wire, amenities were non existent, the con had to work in a prison factory 8 hours a day for 15 cents an hour and the products made were sold on the public market to help reduce the public burden of their incarceration. The lifestyle of the time FORCED the convict to reconsider his ways and he made his own mind up to rehabilitate himself in order NOT to return to prison again after release. The recidivism rate in this time period was 15% ( that means 15 out of each 100 persons caught another number and went back to prison).

Now the mid 70's comes and the liberals start looking at the penal system. The prison factories are torn down. Inmates ( no longer allowed to call them "cons", it might offend them) sit around watching 60 inch color tv's that the taxpayer provides, working out in the taxpayer supplied gyms or sitting in the taxpayer supplied legal libraries desperately pouring over the books for a loophole to overturn their case or search for a reason to file a frivolous lawsuit since it costs them NOTHING to file lawsuit after lawsuit. ( two examples I will use that were filed at my prison in the past years. The first one was that the chow hall only served smooth peanut butter and his digestive system needed chunky peanut butter. Filed for $25,000 for pain and suffering. DENIED. The second one was the stainless steel toilet caused an inmate's hemmorhoids to inflame, causing him pain. Filed for $50,000 for pain and suffering. DENIED. ( PS...the reason we only have stainless steel toilets is when we used to have ceramic ones, the cons would break them up and sharpen the pieces they broke off for weapons).

Inmates no longer work in prison. They are assigned jobs like sweeping and mopping, working in foodservice or yard details. Absolutely nothing is being done to help reduce the public burden of the cost of their incarceration. Unlike the olden days, when a con was made to get up at 5 am each day to work, the inmate today sleeps in and develops NO work ethics or good habits that will help him when he is released.

We now have mandated rehabilitative classes, courses and therapy. It may sound great, but keep in mind that only a person who WANTS to be rehabilitated will accept this and embrace it. 99% of the inmates today attend only because it is a hole shot if they don't. They don't care nor pay attention.

The recidivism rate is an astounding 84% and the liberals are screaming "Look, we are saving 16 out of each 100". .

Our penal system has developed into a society where the inmates feel some massive sense of entitlement. They do not accept nor understand anything less because upper management is told



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