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Civil War Leaders

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Civil War Leaders

During the Civil War there were men who changed the course of the war. The two men who had major impacts on this war were Abraham Lincoln and Jefferson Davis. Both of these intelligent and heard headed men changed the way the war played out. Each man had unique traits that helped them make the powerful decisions they made throughout the war. Abraham Lincoln was from the North and did not agree with Slavery; Jefferson Davis on the other hand was from the South and for slavery. When Abraham Lincoln was elected President of the Union the South was angered by this and refused to let go of slavery. Due to this, 11 states seceded from the union and were called the Confederates States of America. Well with this new "America" they needed a President, which they choose Jefferson Davis. Both the Union and the Confederates fought and fought over this War over Slavery. The way they fought and the traits they carried throughout the war with them is the most interesting of all.

Abraham Lincoln was the leader of the Union and was a great leader. He had many great traits that helped him throughout the war. One trait that Lincoln had was being a Caring Leader. Lincoln cared about his troops and about this war every much. During the war he would go and visit the troops and the hospitals and make it known that he was proud of them and appreciated them for everything they were doing for their country. Another important trait that Lincoln had was being able to count on his goals and strive to achieve them. During the war the North was not doing so well and Lincoln's cabinet was trying to convince him to just give in to slavery, the cabinet through the war was going to be won by the South and they wanted Lincoln to just give up. Lincoln did not; he stood his ground and was reminded of his goals and pushed through them. This was very important trait for Lincoln. He always had a strong will to know what right and what to fight for. The third trait that Lincoln had was that he knew how to relax when things got tuff. The Civil War was very stressful for him and for most people they would keep just staying up and thinking about the war and everything that goes a long with it, but Lincoln didn't. Lincoln made sure he was replenished and ready to go for the next day and its challenges. He would tell jokes to his family and keep a good atmosphere going around his cabinet and his administration. It is very important that he was refreshed when he made such big decisions during the war. The last trait that was important during the war that Lincoln portrayed was that he was good at communicated to the people what was important and what his goals were and how he was going to achieve them. Lincoln was very open minded to what the people had to say. Lincoln was brave when he made decisions to keep fighting when others were telling him no and to stop. Abraham Lincoln was a great American leader and you can see this through the traits he portrayed.

Jefferson Davis was the



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