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Clarifying a Clear Goal for the Personal Project

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Essay Preview: Clarifying a Clear Goal for the Personal Project

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Entry 1: Clarifying a clear goal for the personal project

(mind map)

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Step 1: My goal for the personal project

My main goal is why the minimum wage policy that the president moon is helding has a problem in South Korea by making a blog. Also, how can the minimum wage policy can affect South Korea. So, as a final goal that I want to make the South Koreans know that how much is the minimum wage policy in South Korea will have a bad influence on it, so that which the minimum wage policy should be stopped or should be changed to a suitable way to Korea.

2 When will I make this goal possible to achieve this?

            This product will be finished in the date of December 1th, the reason for is that Ms. Lue advised us to finish the personal project in 12/1th, so to go up to a proper date for the plan that Ms. Lue has made which is before 12/14th that 12/1th will be an enough date to revise all the things before 12/14th

3 Why is this important to me?

 Even though, I have lived in South Korea only for 6 years and I have lived more of my life in a foreign country, but although I have lack of image about South Korea for my entire life. But, through this personal project that I can know more about South Korea which I did not had a chance to know about that country which is not an easy chance. So, I will discover South Korea better.

Step 2: About the Global context

-        fairness and development

1 The thing that I want to achieve for my project.

 My product will help me to improve my researching skills. Because, it will make me research a lot of points that I have to find to support my blog that how the South Korean minimum wage policy affects bad in South Korea. So, doing a lot of researches will improve on learning how to research better.

2 The thing that I want to understand through the project

For my personal project, my goal was to make the South Korean minimum wage policy by stating how does it affect South Korea in a bad way. I want to understand through the project that how it can sustain South Korea by making the stop or changing the minimum wage policy. If we do not do as this way that how can it affect South Korea and what is the problem for South Korea.

3 What do I want through my personal project?

Rather than just saying the minimum wage policy is a not good policy and having no evidence to support it that I will have sufficient evidence that everyone which is a evidence that everyone can sympathize to make the people to support my idea that the minimum wage policy in South Korea has to be changed or be stopped.

4 Would the specific context help me?

The global context for me helps me to stay on the direction here I am going to follow the way. So, it makes me easier to follow the goal that I have set up and make it easier to research and also for the social and communication skills.

Through this project, I want to establish a fair society in economy and politics in Korea. Although, the minimum wage policy is made to make a good society in Korea, but to me I predict that the minimum wage will bring a bad result to Korea. So, through this minimum wage policy, I want the people to know that the minimum wage policy is a policy that will have a bad effect in South Korea. Because, the people in South Korea are believing the minimum wage policy as a hope (Jieyun Lee, South Korea to Boost Minimum Wage by 16%) , so it will hard to change the minimum wage policy, however I want to make the people in South Korea to signify the problem of the minimum wage and could make an alternative for the Korean minimum wage policy.

Step 3: Clarifying my goal


S:  I am going to do a project to find how the minimum wage affects South Korea and the resolutions for that. I want the Koreans which are about 1000people in my blog to support. Also, assert that the minimum wage policy wage is not a good policy.

M: I can find the bad points that will bring to the minimum wage policy. But, the materials should be in a generalized theory. I cannot make a data for this. I should use a proved data.

A: In fact, the minimum wage policy is a policy is known in the economy to have a lot of disadvantages by holding this. Also, all the policies that are in law has a following consequences and restrictions. Moreover, South Korea is increasing the minimum wage radically, so I believe which the country did not took specific steps to do this.

R: The goal is worth enough. In the recent years, the minimum wage policy was selected one of the most engaging policy to South Korea, after the corruption in South Korea. So, this policy is the only hope that the people believe to.

T: I will achieve during the winter break by uploading the google blog. (12/1th)

Step 4: Prior knowledge and with subjects

I believe the subject economy will help the most to me. In fact, the project that I am doing is based on economy. From the myp subjects, we are already covered some concepts of the minimum wage. We learned the bad influence of the economics which is the unemployment and inflation which is the effect of it. So, when analyze the effect of the minimum wage policy that it will be easier. We also learned that the minimum wage is a law that is made to help the people to have a certain amount of salary. Also, the minimum wage is related with the demand of business and the workers.

Entry 2: Timeline for my personal project (Personal project 2017-2018)

The process of the stage

 The things that I have done

The date for it

Investigation stage

First meeting with my supervisor


Reviewing the minimum wage policy through the magazine called ‘Joseon news’


Asking my dad who is interested in Economics and who knows a lot about the minimum wage policy in South Korea


Planning stage

Specification draft submit


Specification handed in


Taking action stage

Finish of the research for my blog


Draft of making the blog to Mr. Len


Finish of making the final goal which is making a blog


Reflecting stage

Reflecting for the personal project


Report draft due


Report final due




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