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My Goals - a Personal Essay

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A goal is simply the result or achievement toward which effort is directed. So why is it that I can't think of a goal of my life? When I think about it I don't want to be a doctor, lawyer, writer, photographer or anything like that. There is nothing in life that I can think of that I'm astoundingly good at; I'm not straight A smart, I'm not the mvp in sports, and I'm not an award winning actor. I cannot make up my mind of which career I would like to pursue as I age, some days I will wake up wanting to be a biochemist other days I want to be a chief, and sometimes I even want to be a professional athlete. There has to be a plan in my head otherwise I wouldn't be doing all the things that I do. I have dreams but they are not the only thing I think about and it's not like every decision I make I have to make sure it won't affect my plan. My parents taught me to live in the moment because if you spend your time planning your going to look back and the opportunity has all ready passed this has really affect the way I look at life and I've taking this and morphed it into my own because although I would like to just slack off and hang out all day I know if I don't set a goal that I can work towards I will be stuck in a dead end job. Also without a goal in mind I won't be able to develop a skill that could possibly get me a scholarship and without a scholarship I won't be able to afford college. I could just pick something I feel is easy and I'm already good at but I love having challenges in my life in my opinion if I'm not being challenged then there is no point in wasting my time. However if I were to pick a goal I would probably have to say becoming a mother and a wife not right away of course I still want to live my life to the fullest but when I'm ready I want to fall in love get married and have a lot of kids that I can watch grow up. I want a huge loving family but I want the kids spaced far enough out so they have someone to play with but they don't have to worry about someone out doing them in something they love to do. I am a very motherly person and this just fits me perfectly I'm practically already a mother I've had to raise my little sister since my dad became sick and my mom started working, I make dinner almost every night, and I make sure my little sister is showered and has her homework done before she watches TV, I think about my family before I think about myself quite a lot, and I sacrifice so much so that my family can do things. You may laugh because I am only a high school and I already have names picked out for my first five kids and I plan on adopting kids after I'm to old to have them anymore and you may think that this is not an actual goal and it is not really something I can work towards but it is still something in life that I want to accomplish and it is something I've been thinking about my entire life and to me that



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