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Classmates Case

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Essay Preview: Classmates Case

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This is a brief recollection of my fellow classmates. I wrote this paper on three people from class that I have had the chance to interview. The three subjects that I had the chance to talk with are Tisha Lucas, Kyle Wattenburger, and Stacy Bahena. Let's start with Tisha Lucas. Tisha is thirty one years old and is married. She has four children they moved to the Tri-Cities area one and a half years ago from Florida. Tisha is a full time student, studying the Nursing program at C.B.C. She also plays on the women's basketball team here at C.B.C.

The second person I had the chance to interview was Kyle Wattenburger. Kyle is nineteen years old and is single with no kids. He has one sister though. Kyle moved to Tri-Cities from Redmond, Oregon. He is a full time student studying at C.B.C. for a degree in computer Science. Like Tisha, Kyle is playing a sport here; it's the reason why Kyle moved to Tri-Cities, to play for the baseball team.

My third interview was with Stacy Bahena. Stacy is twenty one years old and is single with no kids also, but has one brother. Stacy has lived in the Tri-Cities area since the age of three, when she moved from California. She is also a full time student here at C.B.C.; her degree is yet to be decided though. Stacy's hobbies include playing Medal of Honor, Black-ops online.

I feel I have a few things in common with two of these people, and maybe one with the third. Tisha and I have the most in common; our age is the same, thirty one, and sports. I love basketball, especially at the college level, and so does she. Kyle has less in common with me except that I played baseball almost all my life as well. Regrettably, I really have nothing in common with Stacy other then, and this goes for Tisha and Kyle as well, that we are all full time students at C.B.C. As time in class and the quarter proceeds, I hope to find more things out of all these people.



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