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Coach Kodie Signature Black Sneaker Shoes Size:8,9.5,11

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One way to read Fareed Zakaria's book The Future of Freedom is as a response to this thesis, albeit

one with the benefit of fifteen years of hindsight. Your task in this essay is to first describe and

critique Zakaria's thesis. The first part of your essay should be organized around the following

central question: What does the future hold for democracy around the globe?

In assessing this overarching question, you may find it beneficial to consider a variety of issues, such

as the meaning of democracy and liberty, what distinguishes democracy from democratization, the

concept of illiberal democracies and their causes and consequences, to name a few. This first part of

the essay must have a clear thesis and logical organization. There is not one correct way to write this

portion of the paper. Instead, you must demonstrate your comprehension of the argument and

critical thinking skills. Your essay should convey that you have thought deeply and critically about

these issues. You must provide some critique of Zakaria's argument. A simply summary will not earn

a passing grade.

The second part of your essay should be an exploration of these issues in a particular country of

your choosing. You must describe domestic politics in this country and classify it as a liberal

democracy, an illiberal democracy, a non-democracy, or something else entirely. This is your

judgment call, but your argument should be rooted in our class discussions, lectures, and assigned

readings that probe the definition, components, and features of these different political systems.

This part of the paper should be researched on your own, using some of the online tools made

available through Moodle. You must demonstrate a convincing mastery of the domestic politics of

this country and be able to describe the political process using these terms. This will come from a

deep familiarization with current events and news from your country, not necessarily from academic

treatments of the subject! Once again your argument should be well-organized and documented


I would suggest thinking how these two parts



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