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Colonist in America

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The British created many taxes that would greatly affect the colonist in America. The colonist were fine with these taxes, but wanted to have direct representation in Parliament so that they can also be apart of the decision-making. But England did not agree to this because the colonists are British citizens and have a virtual representation in Parliament. With this denial of direct representation, the colonists began to rebel against the British Empire. Many events like the battles in Lexington and Concord began the Revolutionary War. The United States were victorious because of political, diplomatic, and military reasons.

To begin, the U.S won the Revolutionary War because of political reasons. John Locke was a British philosopher and thinker. One of his ideas was that a government should have power from the people. He also created an idea that gave all people natural rights to life, liberty, and property. He also thought that governments should have consent from people and that people should have the moral obligation to rebel. The colonists followed these ideas and this is was influenced them to fight against the British. Also the 2nd Continental Congress influenced the the rebellion against the British. When George Washington was elected as the commander of the army, the colonist became more willing to fight because he was a general that would fight alongside his people and he showed how brave he was. The Olive Branch Petition was sent to King George as a last ditch effort to create peace, but once he received it, he ripped it apart. Battles like Bunker Hill, and Lexington caused him to rip the document. This just created more reasons as to why the colonists should win this war.

Next, the U.S won the Revolutionary war because of diplomatic reasons. The Battle of Saratoga was the turning point of the Revolutionary War. This is when France sees that the colonist could be their own nation, so they side with them during this battle. France gives the colonist the navy they needed. This is how the colonist had won this battle. Also British Sympathy played a big part as well. Whigs were the minority in Parliament during 1775. They supported the idea of direct representation but the Tories did not agree. Then during 1783, the Whigs became the majority of the Parliament. They decide to leave the colonists alone and let them become their own nation.

Last, the U.S won the Revolutionary War because of military reasons. The colonists had many



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