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Color Purple

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I would have to say a plot is the order of events that happens or takes place in a story. When it comes to movies we would call it a storyline. Basically, the plot of a story would start out with an explanation, who are the characters, where is the setting taking place, and what inciting events would then be introduced. Then there's the rising action, the main part of the movie like the climax, you then see what main events are taking place, then the falling action would begin and resolution and the movie ends with a happy or sad event. To me I would have to say the climax is the most interesting point in the whole movie. Keeps you guessing what is going to take place and you can sometimes guess how the movie will end. So pretty much the plot refers to the arrangement of the material in a film and the story refers to sum of the total events in the narrative.

The movie I chose is one of my favorites as I mentioned in my introduction yesturday. In the movie The Color Purple (Spielberg, 1985), the story is about a young African-American girl and depicts the problems of growing up in poverty, racism, and sexism. This is what African-American women faced during the early 1900's. The plot in this movie is in the Southern United States during the 1900's where this is crucial in that time.

In this movie the events are presented in chronological order without a doubt, I say this because the movie starts out when the main character Celieis, at the time is a 14 year old girl and it then it follows her through her life showing the actual events that took place in her life as they come about.

A filmmaker may decide to put movies in chronological order so the viewer may keep up with the story of the film better, but may decide to put them out of chronological order or non-linear order to maintain suspense in the movie and have people guessing on what's next.

When using chronological order in films character development is important, because it develops the character from one stage of their life to the next stage of their life whereas, foreshadowing gives hints or clues to suggest what is yet to happen next in the movie.

Spielberg, S. (Director). (1985). The Color Purple [Motion Picture].



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