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Columbine Case - How Do You Feel About Fire Arms?

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Essay Preview: Columbine Case - How Do You Feel About Fire Arms?

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How do you feel about fire arms? How would you feel if you knew that someone somewhere has a gun; and is right next to you and "NO" they are not law enforcement? Well I have my thoughts about a certain incident that happened on the day of April 20, 1999. What would you do or try to do to stop this from happening. In my perspective I feel that things like this can be avoided and can be stopped before it happens. This is how and what I feel about the day of April 20, 1999.

On April 20, 1999 it was a tragic day for many innocent people and was a day that forever will be remembered. Two young men entered Columbine High School in Jefferson County, Colorado with no remorse or looking back. They were there for one thing and one thing only; that was to kill innocent people. The question to me at this point is why would they do this? So the young men also known as Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold entered through the west wing, which is the cafeteria area. Eric then throw a pipe bomb and Dylan then followed by shooting his first victim then Eric resumes. WHY? What drove these furious teenagers to do such a tragic thing? I will answer that question by just asking where are the parents in all this, where is the loud speaker warning to warn the students about what's going on? And what happened to all those practice fire alarm run throughs? By this point the two teens have made it to the east wing and on the way there they have shot and killed many innocent teenagers.

Now it's about that time when the law enforcements get there and start by entering though a window, taking precision because at this point they have no clue who the shooter can be. The police start taking hundreds of innocent students out of the school and making themselves over to the end of the school that the shots are being heard from. The school is gathered by worried parents, press and scared teenagers that have just seen the most shocking thing in their whole entire life. The shooting has gone on for about three hours now, and people just hope for the end and want to make sure their siblings are safe.

When the law enforcement reaches the gun man they are dead. They have killed innocent teenagers and then have taken their own life. When the police see the firearms used, it comes to them as a surprise that these teenagers got a hold of these weapons. Are the parents going to be helpful? When you think of something like this happening you never imagine that it will happen to you or in your home town, right?

Well as a parent you always have the upper hand and can see this coming if you are a part of your child's life. I was put through something like this and me to did not know what to do, you can never be prepared to react to something tragic like this ,but you as parent can explain what can happen or even educate your child on gun safety and the danger that comes from them. As for the parents of these teenagers, gun men, they



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