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Com 200 Interpersonal Communication - Talking Styles

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Running head: TALKING STYLES 1

Talking Styles

James Mitchell Douglass Rowe

COM 200 Interpersonal Communication

Instructor: Ticey Hosley

Date: February 7th., 2011

Talking Styles 3

The article, Shared Talking Styles Herald New and Lasting Romance was somewhat interesting and different. It is my personal experience that when two people are involved in an interpersonal relationship and are closely connected, words are often not needed for effective communication.

However, I do believe that having good communication is very important to any communication type, but I disagree with the article. Texting for a 10 day period should not be the foundation for which a couple will stay together? In today's society it is not common for couples to stay together, in fact it is more common to see a failed marriage. It could be that people were not completely compatible to begin with or that in fact the love relationship has not yet begun to have been learned. Just like when we came into the world, we had to learn our being, and where we reside all this has to be experienced. I may have missed some of point here; nonetheless, what I did gather is that an individual cannot base a series of text messages on a serious relationship. I think individuals need to interact with one another and to hear the voice of other human beings face to face.

I have been married 36 years to a wonderful woman; we have talked out our problems along with some compromises that has been the essence of our success. Sure we had our up's and down's but what relationship doesn't. Love is an education based on communication and trust. Verbal communications must be established in any relationship for it to survive It is evident that communication is lacking in today's relationships, with couples divorcing lack a bad plague, and unmarried couple filing police protect complaints everyday. We are human in every sense of the word, so we make mistakes; some more than others. Nevertheless, somewhere along this life's

Talking Styles 4

journey we intellectual creatures must acquire a more reasoning method to communicate to resolve problems in relationships.

The email that my friend and I developed to compile the LSM score is unique in that the messages were similar in content. We have been close friends since our late teens, and have developed as well an internet friendship. "Friendship, acceptance by others, and the ability



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