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Interpersonal Communication

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Orlando Rosales



Interpersonal paper

There are a few Relationships I would like to talk about but This time I'll stick with one. But first I'll like to write a little bit about myself. I was born on a Christian home and raised in Christian environment(). My father is a pastor so we can say they were a little conservative so I was raised the same way. I think that is the main reason why I am an introversive person, I wouldn't say shy because I can stand before a lot of people with no problem at all but I've always had problems with the Initiating() part of a relationship. My parents are the kind of people that would talk to anyone at any time, and so they did, a lot! And most of the time I didn't even have the need to go introduce myself to people because thanks to them they already knew me. As I grew up I met a lot of people, I lived in 9 different cities, I went to 4 different schools and I traveled all around the country with my parents. My adolescence was, in most ways, normal. My parents traveled a lot so our Comunication() was not so good. So as I was getting older I started to think a little different than my parents. Due to my parents being conservative I wasn't allowed to go out much especially with non Christian friends. So I missed a lot growing up, that's why by the time I came to the US I was trying to catch up on everything I've missed. And that's when I met her, the person with whom I share the relationship I would like to share. Her name is Nelly, although most people knows her as Lily. I met her the first weekend after moving here at a youth class at church. After Bonding() for few months we started to have feelings for each other. I was very bad at asking a girl out and things like that so thankfully she made the first move, I know it sounds lame but I was also bad at decoding() hidden messages girls usually send when they like you. From there our relationship became the best one I've had so far. We became really close really fast. Of course like every other relationship, ours wasn't perfect. Most of the time I'm a mindful listener() but there were times when I was too busy with something that I wouldn't pay full attention to her and she hated that. But the good out weighted the bad. I think that almost everything I missed growing up I caught up with her. Our Intimacy() was great, it took a little while but we share a lot of things that we hadn't with anybody else, Self-disclosure() was not an issue for us. I was able to be the real me around her, something that I cant do around my parents. I have learned a lot with her. Even my self-esteem() was higher. We were together as a couple for almost 3 years and I enjoyed every single minute. But at the end I got too serious and I kind of scared her off



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