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Interpersonal Communications - Perception Worksheep

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Essay Preview: Interpersonal Communications - Perception Worksheep

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1. _William james___ said "To the infant the world is just a big blooming, buzzing confusion."

2. List the four stages of perception and define each.

2.1 Selecting what date to use

2.1 Arroange you info in a meaningfull way

2.3 Belonging the data

2.4 People influence perceptions and try to achieve shared perspective

3. Mention two factors that would cause us to notice some things and ignore others.

3.1 One factor would be one who sells drugs, but is actually a student.

3.2 Long bearded man probably a homeless man, actually a billionaire.

4. List two ways of organizing information that we have selected in the first stage of perception.

4.1 intensity often effects our starting attention

4.2 Motives also determine what we select from our environment

5. Give an example for each type of schema listed below:

5.1 interaction style: Friendly, Helpfull,

5.2 social role: Student, Attorney, Spouse

6. Give an example of stereotyping

All old people are bad drivers

7. Does "punctuation" in perception refer to the different punctuation marks? Yes or no. Support

your answer.

No. It doesn't to different punctuation marks, describes determination

8. Is interpretation a subjective process? Yes or no. Support your answer.

Yes. It is a factor that can be widely influenced

9. List two factors that that cause us to interpret an event in one way or another.

9.1 Someone being bullied because he doesnt like you, or because he likes you?

9.2 When someone is laughing at you, or with you

10. What does "negotiation" in perception mean? Explain your answer.

To try to see the problem/issue from the perspective of the other person

Note: This assignment is due at the beginning of class on _____________________.



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