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Reflection Paper on Business Communication Class

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Essay Preview: Reflection Paper on Business Communication Class

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Hegino “Chino” J. Chua Jr.

Business Communication

Ateneo Graduate School of Business – Cebu Campus

Prof. Teresa Maria Custodio

Reflection Paper on Business Communication Class

This past trimester has been such an unexpected journey for me.  When I enrolled for this class, my expectation was just for me to be refreshed on the principles of Business Communication, which I basically learned in my undergraduate studies.  I’ve never been so wrong, graduate studies Business Communication is a different breed of animal.  

I could still remember that we were immediately asked to write a critique on our subject’s syllabus on the first day of class, which really caught most of us off guard.  The pressure was intense, but we made it through.  From there on, I always made it a point to always expect the unexpected each time I attended my BusCom class.  Several other activities followed, and as we progressed through the semester, I somehow learned to enjoy the thrill of time-pressure.  I even learned to enjoy speaking in front of a small crowd, which I previously hated.  Making presentations isn’t actually that difficult as long as you prepared for it.

Another highlight of this semester was on our communication awareness campaign for AMCHA Multi-Purpose Cooperative.  Honestly, I didn’t understand the essence of this activity, and even thought of it only as a school project at first.  I never had the chance to personally visit the place and meet the personnel from AMCHA, but based on the pictures that I saw and the stories that I heard from my classmates, their stories definitely moved me.  I realized that I needed to do my part, no matter how small, in order for their stories to be heard.  Right from the start, I never really expected that the effects of our campaign would be drastic, but I’m just glad that we did it.  I know that in our own little ways, we somehow helped our brothers and sisters from AMCHA, and also their family.

One by-product of our AMCHA awareness campaign, is that I learned the basics on how to design and develop a website.  I previously had no experience in web development, but I somehow managed to get it done, with the help of Prof. and my classmates of course.  Apart from that, the campaign also strengthened our bond as classmates, and I somehow got to know them better.  This is vital since I believe most of them would still be my classmates in my succeeding subjects.

On top of the discussion of the concepts and theories in business communication, I also appreciated the fact that we were given the privilege to listen and absorb the tips from the best practitioners in the industry.  This was somewhat a rare opportunity for us, and the tips that they’ve imparted were invaluable.



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