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Common Sense Is Neither Common nor Sense - Annotated Bibliography

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Essay Preview: Common Sense Is Neither Common nor Sense - Annotated Bibliography

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Taylor, Jim. “Common Sense Is Neither Common nor Sense.” Psychology Today, 12 July 2011, Accessed 3 August 2016.

I find this website and article to be quite reliable. The magazine began being published in 1967 and has created a great reputation over nearly half a century. The website itself is made up of psychologists, academics, psychiatrists and writers that share opinions and ideas about people. I think the definition of what common sense is was accurate and precise. I think some of the article was opinion based but the definition was factual. Even though the website is based on facts and opinions, the professionals that contribute to it are highly educated and specialized which leaves people open minded to the validity of its contents.  

Selingo, Jeffrey J. “Why are so many college students failing to gain job skills before graduation?” The Washington Post, 26 January 2016, Accessed 3 August 2016.

The Washington Post is an American newspaper that has been around for 138 years making it the longest running paper in our country's capital city. The newspaper has won 47 Pulitzer Prizes which proves their competency. I believe thge web article to be trustworthy being that it was written by a journalist employed by the reputable newspaper. There are statistics in the article that further support the topics presented. The Washington Post wouldn't publish anything without ensuring it to be true. This article was based on studies conducted by employers on the abilities of college graduates. On multiple studies the results were identically conclusive, providing accurate information presented in the article.

Bailey, Nicole. “New Report: Grads Not Only Unprepared for Workplace, But Unaware of How Unprepared They Are.”Townhall, 29 October 2016, Accessed 3 August 2016.

This website provided relevant information based on results from a study named "Bridge That Gap." A thousand hiring managers and 2,001 college students were surveyed, which found college graduates perceive their abilities to perform are greater than manager's perception. The findings were relevant to my speech, however, I can't attest to the validity of the article because it was based on a survey of opinions. Also, due to the uneven ratio of managers to employees surveyed, I feel that the results could have been different if the same number of managers and employees were questioned. The article was published by which is the leading conservative and political opinion website. So again, what is on the website is a matter of opinion not factually based. I happen to agree with the article but that is based on my opinion and not fact either.



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