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Common Themes and Differences

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Common Themes and Differences

The texts on leadership by Collin's, Hughes, as well as the "Critical Conversations" present common themes that relate to leadership and management of power. The central themes of the texts include leadership, management, and change and the relation and interaction between leaders or managers and the people under them. Change is a common theme expressed in the texts and the authors highlight how it can be brought out in people through leadership. The text by Hughes differs from the critical conversation on the views on how a leader is established. Hughes, et al (2008) states that leadership and leaders can be developed through education. According to Dr. Skot Beazley states that a leader is born as a leader-thus implying that one is either born a leader or not (Capella University Multimedia 2007). However, the texts hold consistent views with favour to the fact that a leader is indeed more of an inspirational force rather than a control tool. Also embraces the view that leadership is based on consultative platforms whereas, management is more of decision-making and as such it involves critical analysis of choices by a few individuals thus making it a less democratic process (Hughes, et al, 2008)

Leadership versus Management

Management can be defined as a function and leadership as a relation. Leaders are more worried with establishing relations that create trust, coaching others and motivating their actions and decision-making. On the other hand, managers take roles in actions such as planning, budgeting and making of evaluations, thus making their roles to have more of a functional nature (Maccoby, 2000). Although leadership and management are necessary ingredients to creating actualized organizations. In order for any type of organization to succeed organizations need both good management and quality leaders. Using both management functions and leadership skills can create a system that motivates employees, does not over manage, and most importantly create an enthusiastic working environment.



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