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Communication Techniques

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Essay Preview: Communication Techniques

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Building rapport with your customers is very important when dealing with customers because it is the first step in building a relationship with them. Just simply being polite and minding your manners are a good start. Saying things like "thank you" and "you're welcome" will help build rapport and create customer loyalty. Patting your customers on the back is another way of building rapport, but in this case you have to be careful and not over do it. Being to touchy-feely can make some people a little uncomfortable and that is definitely not the message you want to send to your customers.

In my current job as a Wal-Mart cashier, I have to use communication skills quite often. Always smiling, giving the customer eye contact, and always saying "thank you" and "your welcome" are very important. Listening is probably the most important in my job because we have customers bringing merchandise back and if they are upset about it we need to make them understand that we understand how inconvenient it can be to them. Using proper communication skills in my job is very important and most of the time we are successful. Although there are the customers every now and then that we just can not make happy, but that does not stop us from always trying.



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