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Information Technology

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Information technology has created a wave of change all over the world. It has helped in efficiency, punctuality, maximize productivity and faster communication within organizations operations, thereby enhancing profitability of such organization. As a result, many organizations have embraced IT in their operations.

In this era of relatively high pressure on organization, IT has really helped organizations maintenance a secure filing system better. This makes it easier to retrieve information and organizations can also invent new products and market them using websites. Therefore, use of IT has made it easier for organization to increase efficiency, save costs and effectively enlighten consumers on their products and services.

The advancement in use of information systems and technology has also seen a number of challenges in terms of ethical considerations. Being unethical does not necessarily mean to be against the rule of law. An issue can be classified as unethical but not illegal. Hacking of password, manipulate data and getting access to discreet information are some of unethical issues that can affect business negatively. Privacy, ownership, accessibility, accuracy and some of ethical issues can affect an organization, if not handled well. Competitors may get access to classified information for their rival company and use it to taint the name of their company.

The acquired knowledge will help me in executing tasks efficiently and effectively in the work place, as well as can be applied for my personal use. I have realized that information technology is capable of enhancing productivity and management in the organization. Also it is worth mentioning that ethical consideration is important since it creates trust and confidence between the management and employees.



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