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Communication and Personality in Negotiation

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Essay Preview: Communication and Personality in Negotiation

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I just recently have had experience with negotiations while buying a new car. It was the first time I had ever personally been involved in a major negotiations. When I initially began looking for a vehicle, I wasn't sure what I wanted to get or what my budget was for it. I didn't necessarily need a new vehicle at the time but I wanted to start looking while I had the time to research. With my type of personality, I like to gather as much information as I can so that I can make a fully informed decision. I was able to research exactly what I wanted and the price that I was willing to pay for it. Due to not needing to get a vehicle immediately, I was able to use that to my benefit. There are many times that people will not begin car shopping until their vehicle must be replaced immediately and then they make an impulse purchase. To me, that is too much money to be impulsive with.

I began with searching all the "American" made small size SUV's. American made has always been a high priority to me because I like to help support our economy. I knew that I didn't like cars and did not want the major gas mileages of large SUV's or a truck. I compared the gas mileage, features, and consumer reviews to determine that best vehicle for my family and me. I ended up deciding on a Jeep Patriot. At this point, I had not yet decided whether I wanted a new or used vehicle, as I had more research to do to determine this. I started by pricing out new vehicles on Jeep's website and adding or subtracting different features of it. I also checked into what used Patriots were selling for online. I checked the inventory of every Jeep dealer in the Phoenix area for both used and new. I had specific colors that I wanted and they proved difficult to find so I was pleased with having the time to keep watching.

My personality can be very competitive and I can manipulate that trait to fit the situation I am in to try to get what I want. In searching for my car, I was able to use competition between dealers to my advantage. I had decided to try to get a brand new Jeep because the price difference was not that drastic between the two and I wanted to ensure that it was properly cared for from the beginning. I found a brand new orange Jeep with the features I required at a dealership that was about 50 miles from my house. Due to the distance, I sent an email to them to find out information on the car. Their initial response was asking when I would be able to come to the dealership so I could test drive it and we could go over the vehicle. I replied to the sales rep stating that due to my work, school, and children's schedule, I would not easily be able to drive over there and would like to get pricing for the specific vehicle. I made an offer on the vehicle that I had been looking at which was drastically below the value. The rep from the dealership came back saying they couldn't do that. Instead of giving me a quote,



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