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Companies Case

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Week 3 - Introduction

Many companies are finding that installing a VoIP system is extremely beneficial. Unfortunately many of these companies have already had a WAN/LAN network that has been in place for quite a few years. Completely removing and installing a new network that is capable of using VoIP is not an option. Having to do this can require up to thousands of dollars. Most companies don't want to have to spend the money, let alone the time that they could possibly be without online communications. This can virtually affect their sales, reputation, and also their day to day activities. Luckily, the option of implementing a VoIP system into an already existing WAN/LAN is possible. Just because it is possible, it does not mean it comes with no issues that need to be looked at. I plan to discuss these issues as well as providing ways to properly ensure that the VoIP system installed on the existing network works properly.

One of the biggest issues in a VoIP network can be the quality and performance issues. This means the sound can be muffled, or the call itself not sending conversations correctly. Delay is another issue and is usually found in the area of transport. Transport is getting the information from the sender to the receiver. Issues with packets are known to be a large issue in VoIP. This can include jitter, where different packets face different delays. Another issue is packet loss, where a packet is completely lost before it can reach its destination. When this occurs, the voice application becomes very degrading. Other issues such as voice overlap and echoing, which is where hearing a delayed repetition of the voice signal continues. These are the most common problems that take place in a VoIP system.

Corrective actions can be taken and implemented so that the quality of service does not suffer when installing a VoIP network on to an existing network. Installing an overlay network is one way to make better use of nodes. Making better use of the nodes can prevent packet loss and help the overall quality of a VoIP call. Before one can even begin to install an overlay network, a few simple steps should be taken. First assessing the current network and preparing the network to ensure it can support a VoIP network. Secondly, setting up a pilot system can help to gain experience with the new technology as well as compare vendors and equipment. Thirdly, products should be selected began to be implemented. Lastly, the operation and administration of the system should begin.

As we continue, we will get more in depth of these issues, as well as discuss solutions and steps to ensure the VoIP system is properly installed. Not only will the VoIP system be installed correctly, but it will be done to avoid the common problems that normally are associated with it.



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