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Company Law Assignment 1

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Essay Preview: Company Law Assignment 1

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Company Law 266

Assignment 1: Due Date 15 August

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Company Law 266

Assignment 1

Due Date: 15 August 2012

1. Overview of the Assignment

The purpose of this assignment is to be able to provide accurate and concise advice and information to a client on various matters in relation to starting up and registering a company.

The assessment aims to address the following unit learning outcomes as stated in the Unit Outline:

1. Explain, analyse and apply basic legal concepts and principles relating to company law.

2. Apply appropriate research techniques to select, evaluate and use information from primary and secondary sources to make informed judgments about legal issues.

3. Discuss the development and operation of company law within an international context.

The assessment criteria for this assignment are the following:

1. Relevant legal concepts and statutory provisions of company law are explained and applied clearly and accurately.

2. Appropriate and relevant primary and secondary sources are used.

3. The answers are fully and accurately referenced.

2. Completing and Submitting the Assignment

The following instructions for completing and submitting the assignment must be complied with.

Instructions for completing the assignment

 Answer all the questions.

 Each answer should be approximately the number of words that are indicated for each question.

 This is an individual assignment. If you work on the assignment with other students you must still submit your own individual assignment but you must include the names of the students with whom you worked in the space provided on the cover sheet.

Company Law 266

Assignment 1: Due Date 15 August

© Curtin University 2/3


Instructions for submitting the assignment on Blackboard

 The assignment must be uploaded into Blackboard.

 Comprehensive instructions for submitting the assignment will be available on Blackboard under 'Assessments'. You must follow the instructions very carefully.

 You are also required to attach and submit the cover page which you will also find under 'Assessments'.

 Please allow for sufficient time for the assignment to be uploaded into Blackboard. This could take several minutes.

Instructions on referencing

 In order to complete this assignment you will use a number of sources including your textbook, the Corporations Act and various websites.

 You may not use Wikipedia or the lecture slides as a reference.

 The assignment must be fully and accurately referenced. You need to reference your assignment to avoid plagiarism ( If the assignment is not fully referenced it will not be marked.

 You must provide the in-text reference and the full list of references at the end of the assignment in a reference list.

 Please refer to the Curtin library website for information on referencing. There



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