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The Law of Company Thesis

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Essay Preview: The Law of Company Thesis

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Thesis begin with root and issue and question being address, such as the presence of online education such as... will lead to disruptive innovation in MBA education, and another platform of education will substitute the MBA degree to help learner touch more reality education without affect their career.

Much of the discussion in this thesis refers to Harvard Business School. Passing reference are also made to another universities as if it were homogenous whole, of course it is not. Focus is mainly on HBS as the first school that offered the first MBA program in the world. Distinction could be made to other universities on size, online program, their investment into new trends of education, any affects to their education activities and profits, etc. but there are severe limitations in any attempt to develop individual alternative strategies for each and every one of MBA market on this basis. It would be also be cumbersome to take into account relevant difference between each and every one of others universities throughout the thesis's discussions.

Anything related to the HBS and online education, and hence there is no need to for school by school evaluation between MBA program providers and analysis throughout the thesis. Finally, there are several commonalities between the universities in USA that justify passing references made to the others as if they were a homogenous whole while the focus remains firmly on HBS.

Since the most successful MBA student attraction and promotion of University of Phoenix- an additional question, which is addressed in exploring the issues, is whether HBS and other traditional universities would have any lessons to learn from new trends of education success story.

The lesson from University of Phoenix, Khan Academy coupled with research from book, opinions from education experts also form the basis of the development of HBS opportunities in innovation of education by the study.

Keywords: Disruptive innovation, Corporate strategy, Internet, future management education, disruptive impact.


First of all my gratitude and love to my parents, who have been supportive the duration of writing of this thesis and encourage me to keep moving on in this study.

I am very grateful to Dr. Lawrence Mensah Akwetey for encouragement and support me received during his supervision. What is most important to me is that he believed and motivated me throughout the whole project.

I also wish to thank the officials of the Graduate Management Admission Council who supplies me with valuable information and materials for the study.

I also received moral support from my good friends, Dao Ngoc Thang and Le Yen Nhi at the time I was writing this thesis. This part of our project was the most interesting and significant. I appreciate their interest and participation. Lastly, we offer our regards to all those people who supported us in every respect from the beginning till the completion of our project.

God Bless You All.


This Thesis Is Dedicated to God and Everything I Am Trying To Make It Real

"Learn from yesterday,

live for today,

hope for tomorrow.

The important thing is to not stop questioning."

- Albert Einstein



In the digital age, everything in our life was changed by technology in every aspect from how we communicate, entertaining and specifically in the way we study, just ten years we can see the rapid change in education such as studying material, e-document, slideshow, webcam and video clip that record every educational programs and all of them are free of charge.

This topic is centre in each discussion about challenges of MBA program that face to many issues from new trends of education, Harvard Business School also increasing better knowledge about this field. In each forum, everyone from enterprise to small retailer or even people, the topic called "Online education" more and more hotter. Internet nowadays can help reinforce your knowledge, and then it can provide you a degree that is equal to traditional degree. Many employers said that they are likely accepting the online degree more than it was in the past. In facts, MBA program providers are facing to MBA program crisis and tuition fees are rising significantly. Moreover, business employers are losing interest in MBA degree holders and want to keep their employees for corporate training instead of supporting two year programs. So what about currently status of MBA program of HBS? How do HBS renovate their program to meet the new needs? What are the trends that graduates and learners want to decide in order to improve their career? Our research will answer these questions.


This study develop an understanding about new market and value network that emerges as the trends of learners change the way they improve their career path. After financial crisis and during the global recession



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