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Comparative Analysis of Various Financial Institutions in the Market

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Essay Preview: Comparative Analysis of Various Financial Institutions in the Market

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"Comparative Analysis of various Financial

INSTITUTIONS in the market"

The project "Comparative Analysis of various Financial Institutions in the market" was done to get the idea, as well as knowledge, benefits and use of financial advisor in the present scenario. The basic objective behind the study carried out by me is to know much more about the prospects of Financial Planning in the growing economy. People should come out of the concept of just keeping their money in Savings Account and Fixed Deposits and should concentrate on their financial planning to maximize returns by taking proper guidance from financial planner.

Most of the advisors provide expertise information and knowledge about various financial products, like bonds, mutual funds, insurance, equity market and real estate etc.

The in-depth analysis of the report will help the reader know much more about the investors and financial advisors. Investors having low saving potential, growth of capital acts as a primary objective behind investments. Investors get high level of satisfaction from existing financial advisors, which depicts that there is a need of financial institutions to approach these investors in a proper manner so as to provide value additions to the saving potential and portfolio.

The sum up, there has been a sustained effort and dedication involved to make this study a comprehensive market study but at the same time. The researcher is open to any kind of suggestions that further needs to be considered in respect to the course of his work.

Table of Contents



Executive Summary


Chapter No.

Chapter Name 6


Introduction to the Industry 34


Introduction to the organization 41


Financial Institutions in the Market 68


Comparative Study of Different Players in the Market 72


Analysis of the Comparison 78


Research Methodology 80


Facts and Findings 83


Analysis and Interpretation 85


Conclusion 104


Recommendation and Suggestions 110


Appendix 115






a) Overview-

Planning for a secure financial future is not easy. Yet increasingly, individuals are in charge of their own financial futures. Most are aware that planning is critical, yet don't the have time or the expertise to develop a plan and make the needed financial decisions. So there arises a need for Financial Advisors to manage the individual's wealth and the whole process of managing this wealth is known as Wealth Management.

There are a number of financial advisors offering a diverse portfolio of services to suit different financial requirements of their clients. In order to accomplish the task, these companies provide the assistance of professional financial advisors. These financial advisors help individuals or corporate manage their wealth appropriately through:

(i) Investment Solutions: - The financial planner helps the individuals diversify their portfolio through alternative investment plans, mutual funds, equities, and even save for retirement through annuities.

(ii) Financial Planning: - Financial Planning is an exercise aimed to ensure availability of right amount of money at the right time to meet the individual's financial goals. Financial institutions plan individual's current expenditures and save for future short-term or long-term goals by analyzing different options available.

(iii) Retirement Planning: - The financial planner guides their clients in planning for their financial requirements after retirement, by helping them identify goals, researching and analyzing different opportunities to secure funds and make investments to suits their needs.

(iv) Wealth Management: - It is a comprehensive service to optimize, protect and manage the financial well-being of an individual, family or corporation. Its basic definition covers advice on loans, investments and insurance to give a broad picture of how individuals should best deploy their financial resources. A broader picture may include tax advice, estate planning, business planning, charity foundations and other financial needs.

Even though one of the most significant factors in our life is the state of our personal finances, we rarely spend time on managing them since unlike businesses. The reason being, we are not accountable to any one for our personal financial goals and results. As a result we tend to get careless in our financial matters. I know we all understand the importance of savings but let us not get confused between savings and investment. Mere savings (putting aside a portion of earnings) do not



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