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Compare & Contrast: Slurpee and Milkshakes

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Essay Preview: Compare & Contrast: Slurpee and Milkshakes

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Milkshakes VS. Slurpees

On a hot summer day a nice slurpee or milkshake will do well. Especially on those scorching hot days when you feel like you can not breathe. But what would really quench the thirst, a slurpee or a milkshake? Milkshakes are maybe to milky and will most likely make you thirstier. A slurpee will maybe quench the thirst but it will taste nasty after a while, so then you would not want it anymore. Most people say a slurpee is the best choice because even if it gets watered down, water is the best thing for you anyway.

Milkshakes are fatty and slurpees are a little light on the fatty part. But on a hot day, that is the last thing you think about. Milkshakes are too milky and they tend to keep you thirsty even while you are drinking it. Slurpee's are normally good for the summer and milkshakes are good for the winter. Slurpees are basically a mixture of ice and artificial flavor, and milkshakes are made of milk and all kinds of other dairy products. Both are fun to eat especially when it comes down to the kids choosing which one they would prefer.

Milkshakes come in different flavors and you can add chunks of different types of things in it to make it fun to eat or drink. Milkshakes are the drinks that a couple would go get on a nice hot day just for a romantic thing to do together. It is not used for quenching of the thirst but it can be used to substitute a meal. The good part about a milkshake is it takes a long time to melt and when it does get a chance to melts it still has the perfect taste to it. It does not taste watered down.

Slurpees are a body cooler and it will quench the thirst sometimes. It depends on the type of day. For example, if you are hungry it will make you hungrier. Sometimes it is so sweet that it could also make you thirstier then you already were. Slurpees are also fun to get because in some stores you can mix different flavors to make a good combination. But do not let it melt because that's when it gets nasty. Once it is melted it ends up tasting and looking like colorful water and that is a bad mix.

Choosing between a slurpee and a milkshake is hard but Burger King is very smart to come up with a drink called ice cream melt. It is a mixture of a slurpee and a milkshake in the same cup. It is really good. But on a hot day you better off going with a slurpee and when you are hungry go with the milkshake. And when you eat them mak



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