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Families Compare Contrast

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The Different Families

In different countries around the world the living conditions for all of the diverse families varies greatly. Each family must deal with many different problems, and these problems all vary depending on which country they live in. The one problem and decision each and every one of these families must face is how to provide food for each other. These families must choose what food to purchase and how it will affect their finances and health.

In Guatemala the Mendoza family spends around $76 a week on food and appears to be living a very healthy lifestyle. They purchase a vast assortment of vegetables, grains, and fruits. There doesn't appear to be any junk food or fast food amongst their weekly groceries. This is because it is probably not available to them in that country and they are forced to buy these raw goods to cook each and every meal for themselves which is a very healthy choice for them. The environment in which they live and eat is also different compared to what we in America are used to living in. They are in a courtyard with what might be fruit trees in the background against the wall and dirt flooring without any concrete or tiling. The whole place seems so relaxed and laid back as if they are on a vacation without any worries. This place is completely different compared to the Revis family of North Carolina.

The Revis family of North Carolina is the average American family spending over $300 on a good assortment of the best junk foods and fast foods, all of which are very unhealthy. This family has everything that is meant for convenience and can be cooked or prepared in a moment's notice. This family has probably chosen to purchase these easy to make meals because they are conveniently available to them. There are hardly any items in their stack of groceries that can be cooked into a fresh, healthy homemade meal which suggests that the lives of the individuals in this family are very hectic and it is easiest just to order a pizza to go and not worry about preparing an elaborate meal after a long and exhausting day. The environment this family is living in is that of the average home in America, with the cluttered counter tops and cramped breakfast area it is exactly what is expected to be seen in a normal suburban home and is completely different than the homes of the Mendoza family.

These two families are almost exact opposites, they have different tastes in food and they spend completely different amounts of money for what they eat. Each family appears to have the same amount of food, but the Mendoza family has purchased all healthy food and has spent about a fourth of what the Revis family has spent buying all fast food and easy to make meals. The Mendoza family's meals will all be health conscious and homemade and probably enjoyed with each other's company, whereas the Revis family's meals will be rushed and consisting



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